The perfect place to find yourself in your golden years …or imprison an archenemy

Chand BaoriThere probably aren’t many demographics where audiences for The Dark Knight Rises and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel intersected.

But those who did see both movies might have done a quick double take at one point. During the charming story of British retirees moving to Jaipur in search of a better life or to put old ghosts to rest, you’ll see kids diving into the well at the bottom of Chand Baori, a stepwell found in the village of Abhaneri.

Maybe as the Marigold crew were moving in to set up the shot they passed Chris Nolan, a bedraggled Christian Bale and Tom Conti and a big heavy IMAX camera coming out.

Because – albeit shot in a very different colour scheme and looking dusty and Middle Eastern – the well was none other than the exterior location for the prison Bane banishes Bruce Wayne to after his resounding smackdown.