8814 clear – mark three!

Career OpportunitiesThe sound clip that gives this blog its name has shown up again in a movie. It must be the cheapest stock audio file in history (and the oldest – this movie’s from 1991). It can be heard in the slacker comedy Career Opportunities, starring a young Frank Whalley and a very winsome young Jennifer Connelly.

When Josie’s (Connelly) overbearing industrialist father (Noble Willingham) and the local sheriff Don (Barry Corbin) pull up outside the Target where Jim (Whalley) works in their search for Josie, Don gets out of the squad car to peer through the glass windows, neither of them with any idea that Jim and Josie are having a blast inside while Jim’s supposed to be cleaning the store.

As Don opens the door and crosses the footpath towards Target’s door, there’s our favourite dispatch officer over the car radio…